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We hold outreach events in our community to create relationships and to bring the word of God to those in need.

All community events are absolutely free. The food, the hair cuts, the gift cards, the bibles, the reading glasses, and any other item that we give are all free of charge.  You can catch us ministering at homeless encampments, under local bridges, and community parks, these are some of the spots we love to visit in order to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

and Snacks

Because of our partnership with the South Michigan Food Bank we are able to purchase food and snacks at a very low cost. This means that all food and snacks are absolutely free to all who attend our events. 

and Hygiene

We give away glove, bennies, hoodies, t-shirts, and sock along with underwear all new. We also give away hygiene products. However we are always ready to accept donations. Please note that we work closely with does experiencing homelessness and the need is extreme.


Hood Church always provides free transportation to all of our event specially to our beach outings in the summer. 

DJ and Live performances 

Hood Church has connections with local and national gospel hip hop artist and are always looking to feature newer artist in our free community events. Our DJ is Edward Truely Blessed owner of Heart 2 Heart Radio. LLC

Game and Activities

We believe in clean fun so we provide games and activities depending on the crowd that we are targeting, for example if we are doing an outreach for children we will have face painting, cornhole-toss, balloons, sack races, arts and crafts. We may even bring live farm animals for the kids to pet and take pictures with. But if we are doing an outreach for adults we usually go to the beach and start up the BBQ. 

Personal Testimony

Hi my name is Raul Maysonet as former addict who liven in the streets for years I am able relate with others who to dealing with similar struggle. I usually share my personal testimony and love to bring hope to the hopeless. I know how it feels to be empty inside. I know about depression and anxiety. Jesus is the answer


Private residences (homes and businesses)

  • Public areas (parks, beaches, churches)

  • Under bridges / in alleys ways

  • Anywhere in the state of Michigan

  • We also host a monthly outreach event on every third Sat of each month this event is at the Rhema Word Outreach Center inner city location. Address: 365 Capital Ave. NE Battle Creek MI. 49017 the event starts at 6pm with free food, fun, and fellowship.


Give by category:

Street Outreach & Mission field, Discipleship, or Hope House. 

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